Four Habits of A Plant Lover


Aren’t we all stoked about the season change- a time to grow? In most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the rains are pouring. That means it’s time to grow plants, not just food crops. For sure, the rains help to rehydrate old plants and let you save some energy that’d ordinarily be consumed by your sprinklers.


If you’re new to this green life, you may need to develop some habits that can help you preserve your plants. Of course, those pretty green ones need more than just water to survive and thrive. As a plant parent, you need to cultivate these four green habits: 


Loving sunlight


Let’s spare you the photosynthesis lesson. But by now, you should know that plants derive their food from sunlight. If you keep indoor plants, you should raise your blinds at daytime to allow that light to shine through. Don’t infect your greens with your blues.


Removing weeds


If you keep a small garden in your home, be sure to get rid of weeds that can compete for soil nutrients with your plants and stifle the green life. Aesthetically too, weeds don’t look good around your lovely flowers so send them packing. 


Love of flowerpots


Don’t just love your flowers; love your flowerpots. Besides beautifying your home, they make it really easy to move your plants with you to a new home. It’s a sad parting moment when you have allowed your plant to take firm roots in a rented house and you have to move to your home without it.


Never Walk On Lawns 


A plant lover avoids walking over people’s lawns. He is aware that repeated foot paths can kill some plants. Maintaining a lawn takes time and effort, and often costs money. People invest in watering, mowing, fertilising, and landscaping their grass to make it tidy. When someone carelessly walks on their grass, it can damage the grass or disrupt the landscaping, and this may require extra work to restore.


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