5 Shoes Every Woman Craves for Summer


When summer comes knocking, you should be ready. The anticipation for summer is beyond real- it’s electric. But as you work on the summer body and fit, shoes are a priority too. 2024 summer is like a playback on history for fashionable women as the world is slowing down on heels to embrace a variety of easy-to-wear shoes. Here are some of the comfortable shoes that you may need to make it through summer.


Lace Up Flats 

Red lace up flats

We aren’t done with preaching the sermon of the lace ups. They are perfect boyish office footwear that sits nicely with slacks. If you’re in doubt, try a coffee, tan or red pair.


Half Shoes

Flat shoe

Nothing speaks of class and business casual like the half shoe does. From bow-decorated to chunky chain details, the designs are abundant. Half shoe wearers say the trend is quite addictive because it guarantees comfort. If you are not a fan of bending over to wear your shoes, this is your number one go-to kind of footwear.


Mesh Mary Jane Flats

Every lady needs a pair of mesh shoes especially if you have sweaty feet. The in-flow of air to your toes is incredible and proper hygiene can help you avoid smelly feet. Most mesh shoes are easy to dry clean.


Strappy Pointed-toe Flats 


Jump on the strappy shoe trend with a comfortable pair of pointed toe flats. This is dressy and great for after-work, after-party scenarios. Great on full legs, you don’t want to wear strappy shoes with thin legs.


Lightweight Lace up Running Shoes


You don’t have to be a runner before you get one of these sporty items. This shoe trend can recruit you into running effortlessly. Now that Africans are beginning to swag things up by wearing these alongside African fabrics like adire and aso-oke.


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