A Book to Empower Women in Leadership


Her argument is simple: The world needs more women in leadership to ensure inclusivity. Those were the words of the author, who currently serves as CEO of Television Continental, Victoria Ajayi, at the recent launch of her new book in Lagos titled The Precision-Led Woman.


The event, which was held recently at EbonyLife Place, Victoria Island, was a gathering of media professionals, top executives, business leaders, and corporate officials, including Chairperson of Ecobank, Bola Adesola; Former Chairman of FirstBank, Ibukun Awosika; and CEO of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, Dr. Rabiu Olowo.


While making her remarks, Ajayi said that the world needs more women in leadership to bridge the gender inequality gap and ensure that decisions are made with diversity and inclusivity in mind. This explains why she had written the book to offer profound insights on other factors and attributes that contribute to a woman’s successful climb through the leadership ladder.


The Precision-Led Woman is a definitive guide to landing leadership positions. The eight-chapter book of 134 pages, which has already garnered great acclaim from notable executives reflects Ajayi’s commitment to empowering women and positioning them for excellence in leadership roles. With insightful content that delves into strategic thinking and more, The Precision-Led Woman is poised to make a significant impact in the professional landscape.

Senior Management, TVC Communications, Gbolahan Olalemi; Chairperson Ecobank, Bola Adesola; CEO, TVC, Victoria Ajayi, her husband, Ade Ajayi and Former Chairman FirstBank & CEO The Chair Centre Group, Ibukun Awosika,. During the book presentation titled The Precision-Led Woman by Victoria Ajayi


Reflecting on the three-fold inspiration behind the book, Ajayi emphasised its relevance for women, corporations, and society at large.


“I wrote The Precision-Led Woman to remind the world that women are competent and able to lead industries, formulate policies, and champion causes.

“For corporations, the world needs more women in leadership to bridge the gender inequality gap and ensure that decisions are made with diversity and inclusivity in mind.”


Furthermore, she passionately discussed the need to inspire young girls to dream big and aspire to leadership roles. For her, it involves a complete change of attitude: young girls need to lift their heads high and embrace leadership. She further remarked that women can serve as powerful role models for the next generation, instilling in them the confidence to pursue their ambitions fearlessly.   


“Indeed, statistics have shown that having more women in leadership positions is not just a matter of equality but also makes good business sense. In today’s dynamic professional environment, aspiring women leaders must equip themselves with the strategies and mindset necessary to navigate the path to success. This is where the concept of precision-led leadership comes into play.   


“Being a Precision-led woman means knowing where you want to go as a leader and taking consistent action to get there. In today’s corporate settings, precision is essential, and this book provides a roadmap tailored to each individual’s ambitions, strengths, and circumstances.” 


The Precision-Led Woman offers readers a deep understanding of how to position themselves for leadership, whether they are aspiring leaders or already on the path to success. Through relatable experiences, actionable roadmaps, and insights into debunking leadership myths, Ajayi’s book empowers women to break through barriers and ascend the leadership ladder.


In his remarks, CFO, Abuja Electricity Distribution PLC, Babajide Ibironke, said: “This book aroused a lot of curiosity in me as I was expecting some finance-related advice, which Victoria is renowned for. I was pleasantly surprised that the book provided a wealth of empirical points on leadership that could be implemented not only by women; even men can blast, too. I love how she continually pulls you into a life-long lesson you can’t stop learning from. I recommend this invigorating book for all seeking to be better leaders—male, female, old, and young.”


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