Pros and Cons of Dating A Younger Man



If you’re thinking of getting back into the dating game again ladies, you might want to be more open-minded this time. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is to trust that your relationship will work out. So, from the start, you can see all the red flags. Lately, age difference is blinking flash lights on many relationships. In many parts of the world- especially in Africa- having an older woman in a romantic relationship is frowned upon. That judgment hinges more on prejudice than reason. Meanwhile, some women experienced true love in the hands of younger men. A case in point is Tina Turner. 


It is also a fact that most women who look younger than their actual age are likely to be more attractive to younger men. But before you consider dating a younger man like the 77-year old Cher, here are some pros and cons of this kind of relationship.



  • Dating a younger man who is smart can help your cognitive skills. You tend to think faster and move faster than you’d probably do on your own.


  • Dating a younger man is far more exciting because it makes you want to look younger again. You may likely have a more stylish and updated wardrobe and your playlist will be youthful, if you both love music.


  • A younger man increases your energy and stamina. If you’re both into fitness, you’d enjoy working out together. 


  • Dating a younger man helps you reinvent yourself. You would likely be able to go on an adventure trip, learn to use new apps or just be silly together. 



  • Dating a younger man puts you at the risk of a gold digger. Most younger men date older women who are rich and influential- sometimes for the benefits or simply just to satisfy the older woman’s sexual needs. Never be caught in a compromising situation that can be caught on camera. You don’t want a sex tape at 50, 60 or 70.

Alexander Edwards and Cher
Credit: Hello Magazine

  • Most younger men are not dating with marriage in mind. Depending on the age bracket and mindset, most young men just want to have fun or make you a baby mama. But if you are looking for a serious relationship that’s rock solid, be sure that the younger man is on the same page with you. Don’t just ask because he could be capping. Be a quiet detective.


  • Age shaming is one of the side effects of taking a dose of the young blood. Yes, people will call you names or even call your younger man ‘toy boy.’ It can be embarrassing when you are the subject of memes on social media. 


Finally, it is entirely up to you what you want and what makes you happy. When you decide to date a younger man, never isolate your friends and family because they can see through the blinds.


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