10 Attributes of A Working Class Baddie


The word ‘Baddie’ is probably one of the most abused and misunderstood words in the urban lexicon. It has long been associated with villainy or a sexually permissive persona. But in actual fact, being a baddie is like a goal-oriented status for contemporary women, irrespective of their race or ethnicity. Although the term has largely been recycled among Gen-Zs, working class women have reclaimed it by redefining who qualifies to be called a baddie. Baddies are women with strong personalities arising from being experienced and knowledgeable about their world and relationships with others. To make the picture clearer, here are ten attributes of a working class baddie.


A baddie means whatever she says. She is never afraid of being honest. At worst, a baddie keeps quiet but the body language carries the weight of unspoken words. Whatever she is wearing -designer’s pick or not- she feels comfortable in her skin and is able to hold her own.


Financial Independence

A baddie is never a beggar. She can take loans from institutions but she is sleeker than your ‘urgent 2k.’ She has skills that can fetch her money. Hardworking and resilient, a baddie is never in a romantic relationship for the money.


Dream Chaser

One attribute of a baddie is being ambitious. A baddie can leave home to chase her dreams. She can be civil around people whom she doesn’t really like just to get ahead.


Every baddie is made of an adventurous spirit. A baddie loves to travel around cities and countries; try new recipes, swim and dine with strangers.


If you are looking for someone who knows someone in a particular position, a baddie is your sure target. A baddie is very well connected due to a wide circle of influential acquaintances and friends. A baddie does not reveal confidential information. One phone call from a baddie can make or mar you.

When all is not working, a baddie thinks of a solution. For instance, a baddie can tuck in the hem of a skirt to look like a mini or use a knife to unzip a bag when the key to the lock is lost.


Gender Blind
When a woman performs a task that is often expected of a man, she is a baddie. For instance, in the workplace, female mechanics, carpenters, commercial drivers, pilots, DJs, scientists and more are some examples of baddies.

This is one prominent characteristic of a baddie: ability to speak several languages. A baddie understands the power of communication especially in international settings and is able to connect with more people using the linguistic power.

From wearing stilettos to leather skirts or ripped jeans, a baddie knows the right outfit for the event. When it comes to fashion accessories, a baddie is that go-to-person for jewelry, clutch purses, ravishing lipstick choices and more.

Always on-a-fleek
Needless to say, a baddie is very sociable, keen on outings or watching Marvel movies. She is every man’s crush.

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