From time to time, we all have reasons to wait for someone or something. We might have booked an appointment or waited for our turn in a queue. We could even just be relaxed at a layover. Whatever it is, we need to make our time count for something. There are time-tested ways of time management and we will just let you become the master of four of these.


  • Small Talk

If you engage in small talk with strangers, it can make the hands of the clock turn so fast. The weather is usually a safe topic or global news. Avoid arguments or asking for too much personal information. This can be a rewarding way of connecting with people and understanding your world. Not all small talks lead to lasting relationships but some do. Enjoy it while it lasts.


  • Phone Calls

When you decide to place a call to someone just to kill time, ensure the person on the other side of the line is willing and interesting. Some friends are able to hold longer conversations than others. This is why you need a talkative friend.


  • Reading

You could read materials online or from a book. Reading is an interesting pastime and you would have read so many books if you had formed the habit of reading while waiting. It’s never too late to start.


  • Watch A Movie

With the proliferation of video streaming sites, it’s easy to watch your favourite movies or action series right from your palms using mobile devices. As long as they are not distracting you from doing what you’re meant to do, watching movies or even music videos are your go-to in killing time. Time management is a skill that everyone must learn.


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