How to Spend Less on Food

How to Spend Less on Food


In Nigeria, the cost of food is on an astronomical rise. Don’t be fooled by those who say it is the same all over the world. It is not exactly the same- at least not at the same pace that’s making many Nigerians groan lately. Many low-income earners in Africa’s most populous nation are confused as to how to feed their families within tight budget. Having felt the pulse of many, here are some time-tested suggestions:


Bulk Purchase

Team up with friends to buy in bulk to save you from spending more on staple food. Ask among friends if they are interested in splitting bags, cartons or crates into several fractions. Don’t buy more than you can store up safely.


Avoid Overcooking

Measure with accuracy the size of food you intend to cook for your family or friends. When you have some leftover, store them up in the refrigerator and reheat later.


Substitute Full Meals With Water

Sometimes, you don’t even need to eat. When you are not really hungry, don’t bother to cook. Just take some water and watch a movie.


Stick to What is Affordable

Buy only what you can afford at a time. Also, stick to good quality food so that you don’t end up spending more on food when you actually plan to spend less. For instance, buying cheap yam puts you at risk of purchasing a spoilt one.


Practice Substitence Farming

Do you have a little piece of land in your home? Or some space you can repurpose to grow some plants? Why not plant some food items that you can eat and save up some money? You can plant vegetables, green pepper, yam, maize, plantain etc.


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