10 Romantic Jobs of All-time


It’s the season of love and romance again and we’re all for it. Since time immemorial, some professions are deemed to be lucrative. It’s not often that you’d find people talk about a career that is romantic. When you talk about a career, people think about money and fulfilment later. After all, money makes the world go round. But for a change, let’s take a look at popular professions that turn people on.


  • Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are professionals who are skilled in providing therapeutic massages to clients. They help their clients relax using the power of their hands. The job title has sex undertones and sexual harassment is common. But when it comes to role playing to up your game, make your partner your masseuse.


  • Sommelier 


A sommelier is a wine connoisseur who usually works in upscale restaurants and bars with speciality in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. Classy and sexy, they are usually sleeker than your average. Their vocabulary is a mixture of high sounding brand names sometimes drawn from French or Italian and they are always so charming when they want you to try a specially crafted cocktail. You should expand your dating circle to include one. You’d be thrilled and ‘drunk in love.’


  • Gym Instructor

Originally known as professionals whose job is to help other people improve their fitness, gym instructors are notoriously sexy because of their well-toned bodies and roaming eyes- and hands too. They are attractive. Dating a gym instructor is an excellent way to save your money on fitness training. Winks.


  • Dancer

Whether it is salsa, ballet or hip-hop, dancers have an unparalleled allure on and off stage. Sociable, confident and physically fit, dancers always look good even as they age gracefully. You don’t have to know how to dance. Once you have a dancer as a partner, he or she can dance around you.


  • Poet

Perhaps the most underrated romantic professional is the poet- one with the gift of wit. With the power of written or spoken words, a poet can reach the heart of a love interest with carefully crafted lines or lies.


  • Flight Attendant

Most elite airlines parade some of the most beautiful women you can find. Glammed up with makeup and fitting uniforms, they make in-flight experience a thrill just by walking down the aisle. Some are cocky and nasty but some deserve to actually ‘walk down the aisle.’


  • Photographer

No one pays more attention to the body silhouette like the man or woman behind a camera. Their job is to make sure you look good in every shot. While checking out pictures together, you can make small talk and light jokes. If you find one that makes you look beautiful, then he deserves a date with you.  


  • Model

Fashion models are attractive and self-absorbed. They are overly concerned about their outward appearances and can be high maintenance individuals. It’s a win for anyone who’s looking to have a partner that is picture perfect. Beyond the looks, their jobs teach them perseverance, confidence and ability to improvise.


  • Artist

Have you ever dated anyone who has drawn you before? We’re not talking about some ugly caricature of you. There’s something really romantic about an artist, especially one who is expressive about his romantic feelings in his work. Mind you, he  has the potential to sell a piece of art for a whopping sum that can send shivers down your spine. 


  • Bodyguard

Remember the Bodyguard movie? Of course, bodyguards are trained to be discreet, alert and observant. They are physically fit and calm under pressure. They are usually quiet but occasionally when they speak, their brief and crisp remarks alongside their body language say volumes about their soft heart. Wherever you go on a date with a bodyguard, you’ll feel safe. Bodyguards are not supposed to be romantically linked with their clients. It amounts to breach of contract and termination of employment. So, think well before you get freaky with your employee.


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