Pros and Cons of Spraying Money into the Crowd

We’re in a dire situation characterised by poverty, inflation and insecurity. Many people look up to the government for change. But then, government policies do not translate to money in the pocket. In the end, celebrities are the new saviours of mankind. 


Armed with security, they often arrive in less privileged communities and throw several wads into the air. This trend has been received by mixed reactions. While some have argued that it demeans the common people and confirms the old narrative of the west about Africa’s poor economic state, some think that once a musician, an actor or a comedian is blessed with a successful career, he should shower his money on the poor.


What then are the pros and cons of this act of generosity or show-off?




  • Popularity

Any celebrity who gives out wads on a regular basis becomes popular. He is loved by many and is sinless- no matter what he does in private.


  • Street Loyalty

It could be a sort of protection when a person is known to be generous. If anything of his is stolen or lost, chances are that he will get it back. 


  • A Happy Heart

The giver is always having the joy of being able to provide for others, matter how small.


  • Meeting People at their points of need

You will be very helpful to anyone in need. The token can be the transport fare to meet with a potential employer or pay for medication.



  • Stampede

Spraying money into the crowd can result into stampede as people scramble for the free money. Stampede can cause injury or even death.


  • Unwittingly Funding Drug Addicts

Most street urchins who run after celebrities are also drug users. By spraying money freely on the streets, you may also be funding bad habits such as substance abuse.


  • Demeans People

It hardly dignifies anyone to run after celebrities for money. 


  • Fleeting

This is just a temporary act of improving lives. What is more impactful is to establish a foundation that offers sponsorships, grants or scholarships to the youths, the vulnerable, the middle-age or aspiring artists.


  • Show-off

This act can also be an opportunity to show-off what one’s financial strength.

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