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Why ‘Rage in the City’ is A Dance Performance You Must See 


Victoria Island is ready to be stirred up. ‘Rage in the City,’ a dance performance by Ayoola Odubona has become a new flame for culture buffs. You may wonder why this is so. First of all, ‘Rage in the City’ delves into the intricate interpretation of stress, examining its impact on both tangible and intangible aspects within the urban landscape. 

Through the expressive language of dance, the performance which holds on January 18 at Goethe Institut, Lagos unveils the multidimensional facets of stress on the human experience—exploring its effects on physicality, emotions, and other nuanced dimensions as individuals navigate, connect, commute, and flourish in the city.

The production prompts reflection on the pervasive role of stress in our contemporary existence, questioning its normalisation in our lives. 

As a collaborative effort, the collective explores why the theme of stress has captured their collective interest, choosing to articulate its narrative through the medium of dance rather than employing dance as a remedy for stress. 

Wondering what significance this approach holds for the audience? Well, ‘Rage in the City’ unfolds as an exploration of mental health, human struggles, despair, empathy, and hope. 

The performance features the artistry of Trois Uche, Ayoola Odubona, and Thegift Chikere, complemented by the soundscape crafted by Soundman Nathan Olawunyi. Steering the production seamlessly is Production Manager Ebuka Obianeri.




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