8 Gift Ideas for This Season



End of the year is perhaps the only time many receive gifts from their bosses or friends. In fact, some people expect gifts for their efforts earlier in the year. No doubt, a gift is an expression of gratitude or appreciation. When carefully sought, a gift can be a person’s most valued possession and may even end up as an article of history in one’s personal collection. Due to economic constraints, many are lost in thought, wondering the best inexpensive gift to share with loved ones for the Christmas or end of the year. Here are some of the most thoughtful gift ideas for all seasons:


Power Bank


“E shock you?!” Yes. Power bank is one of the best gifts you can give anyone. Power outages are rife in many parts of Africa. Aside from that, we live in a world of apps; running our battery lives down. Power bank is necessary for battery longevity and qualifies as a thoughtful gift item in this clime.




It may sound like a nerd’s suggestion but buying an interesting book as a gift can be memorable. From motivational books to self-help books, there is a wide range of genres that may suit each reader. Imagine giving your friend who is embarking on an NYSC primary assignment in a remote area a book titled “When There’s No Doctor.” You could save lives one page at a time.




In a world of brand multiplicities, wristwatches are not just luxury statements. They could be symbolic of many things: setting goals, sticking to deadlines, being on time or just looking trendy. Be sure to buy a high-quality piece as a gift because no one will be thankful for a wristwatch that stops or comes loose in a public place while still very new and attractive.




As suggestive and seductive as this gift is, the most critical part is the giver and his or her relationship with the recipient. If your husband buys his secretary a lingerie, that’s a millionaire dollar red flag. But if your husband buys the same for you, he’s rekindling the flame of love. If you are in a relationship, be wise when you get a lingerie. Be sure it isn’t a cue for sex unless you’re in for it. Count the cost when the game’s up. 


Manicure Set

This works for both male and female. Nowadays, the gender lines are blurring in beauty and fashion but some items remain uncontroversial for either of the sexes. A manicure set it is- classy and functional.




If there’s a gift everyone needs but doesn’t know it till it comes, it would probably be the knapsack. Also called the hiker’s bag, this bag became unpopular when robbers target the carriers in populous cities. Knapsack is an incredible bag to own when you need to do a short travel with a lot of things but you need just one bag or free hands. Knapsack reduces the stress on your lower spinal cord when you have to do some heavy lifting.


African Print


Dress African is more than just a slogan. It’s about cultural identity. If you’re an African in diaspora, your self-confidence is amplified when you’re clad in an attire that is African. The fun part is that you can give an African fabric as a gift to a non-African friend. Try some accessories covered in African print too and thank me in 2024.


Tote Bag

Spread the gospel of sustainable practice by getting tote bags for your friends and associates. They are potable, durable, reusable and relatively affordable. Tote bags are light weight, low maintenance bags that every tourist should own. 

Enjoy the Holidays- From Gazelle Africa team

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