The Return of Corduroy

Some would call it 60s or 70s fashion but the popularity of corduroy waned in the past four decades. Corduroy has suddenly found its way to high-fashion as the rebirth of this winter-friendly fabric.


Belonging to the family name Fustian, of which we have two forms in velveteen and corduroy, the fabric was originally woven at Fustat on the Nile in Egypt with a warp of linen thread and a woof of thick cotton.


Corduroy is generally said to be a bit more expensive than fabrics made with similar materials because it involves a complicated production process. Despite its known durability, corduroy has its own unique way of fading and ageing. Overtime, corduroy will soften and lose its dye. There will be lighter-toned fades in the higher stress points with remnants of the original dye between its wales. 


Corduroy is classic; perfect for stylish jackets, coats, trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses, and children’s apparel. Here are three ways to rock your corduroy in 2023:


Pick Fascinating Colours

When you select your corduroy fabric, ensure you pick unusual colours. Try the cream, mint, dark chocolate, deep blue or red.

Corduroy skirt

Try the Dungarees


Corduroy dungarees are simply the best. It’s a great look for casual events like picnics, brunch, road trips and even classes. Great on adults and children, dungarees can be a great outfit for a fun family photo. However, dungarees fit best when you are petite.




Wear Corduroy Pants with Cropped Top

Ladies, one of the best ways to combine corduroy pants is with a cropped top. White cropped top always works with navy blue corduroy pants. Try other colour combinations like cream and chocolate, pink and maroon or red. 


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