8 Sure-fire Ways to Prepare for Heatwave

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Heat wave is essentially a period of abnormally hot weather. In most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the next few months will put some pressure on people to use air-conditioners for cooler air in their cars, homes and offices. In most parts of Africa, the governmental authorities often make announcements without a campaign strategy of tackling the extreme weather.

When you leave a car parked outside in the sun, chances are that your wheel steering and pedals would be very hot. Heatwave poses danger to human health as heat from sunlight overwhelm the human body’s cooling system. The reality is that Africa is getting hotter and the most vulnerable people are persons living with chronic illnesses, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women, the elderly, infants, people with disabilities as well as outdoor workers such as construction workers, delivery service personnel, street cleaners and vendors.

Although there is a dearth of research and statistics on the deaths related to heat wave in Africa, South Africa has records of an increase in the figures in the recent years. In order to prepare for the next heatwave, here are seven ways to do so.


  • Be Active in the Mornings

You can take advantage of the cool air in the early hours to do some physically demanding tasks such as sweeping, gardening, car washing and more.

  • Listen to Weather Warnings

No matter how trifling the news on the weather may sound, you need to take it seriously.  You could prepare for it by getting an umbrella, face cap, sunglasses and shed for your car at home.

  • Hydrate

Have you heard the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s ‘Water No Get Enemy’? This rings even true during the hot weather. Drink more water. Get a carry-on water container. Not drinking enough water during the hot season can potentially damage your kidneys.

  • Dress for the Sun

Even in African courtrooms, judges allow lawyers to remove their regalia when it is extremely hot with no functioning air-conditioners. This is the time to ditch your suits for light fabrics and clothing styles that allow you to breathe easily. Avoid tight-fitting clothes, dark colours and fully lined clothings.

  • Rest Under the Shade

While waiting for transit buses in the city, take cover under the shade the same way you run away from light showers. Staying close to green areas to enjoy free dosage of nature-given oxygen.


  • Avoid commuting on Foot Around Midday

The sun is at its peak around midday and 1pm. Make sure you are indoors at this time because it can easily cause you exhaustion.


  • Take Cold Showers

The hot season causes more perspiration. Since you sweat a lot, make sure you shower using medicated soap to kill the bacteria. Avoid repeating clothes without washing. Use deodorant after showering.


  • Invest in Rechargeable Fans

Due to the power outage in some parts of Africa like Nigeria, it is advisable to own a rechargeable fan which cools the air in the absence of power supply. However, to prolong the life of your rechargeable fan means that you should charge it without power generators.


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