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Whisky Giant, The Macallan Backs A Global-Themed Exhibition 

Some of the works at the show

When the acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, Sadiq Ajibola Williams, recently made waves with his second solo exhibition, it was an experience made complete and unique with the whisky giant, The Macallan. Titled, What Does The World Need? the exhibition, which featured a private viewing experience for 50 exclusive guests from different industries, was sponsored by renowned Scotch whisky brand, The Macallan. The exhibition took place at the prestigious AMG Projects Gallery, Lekki, Lagos, in September.


This is the second time the British-Nigerian artist will present a solo exhibition. His first exhibition, launched in 2017, showcased his distinctive fusion of art forms namely drawing, painting, architecture, film, music, dance, poetry, and martial arts.


For his recent exhibition, Sadiq succeeded in engaging a global audience by provoking contemplation on contemporary ideas about the world’s needs to progress towards a brighter future. The exhibition’s profound questions challenged conventional wisdom, delving into the interplay between wellness and freedom and the pursuit of “Ikigai” – a Japanese word for sense of purpose.


Guests included business owners and art enthusiasts, including Founder, Pinefield Schools, Morayosola Fadipe; Managing Partner, Carrie Consulting Ltd, Tokunbo Adeola; Founder, Trinity House Church, Ituah Ighodalo; and Managing Director, The Luxury Network Nigeria, Samuel Abiola-Jacobs, among others.


While speaking at the exhibition, Sadiq Ajibola Williams revealed that ‘What Does The World Need’ is “a poignant reminder that there are calls to action all around us.”

The show’s intention is to pose some vital questions. Is there wellness without freedom? How can we help each other feel Ikigai?”


“While acknowledging present day realities, we need to rethink wellness, sound health, and freedom,” he added.


By supporting the highly successful art exhibition, The Macallan reaffirms its commitment to promoting creativity and celebrating craftsmanship, continuing its significant contribution to the vibrant art scene in Nigeria while enriching cultural dialogue on a global scale.


The collaboration offered attendees a profound exploration of the question, “What Does The World Need?” charting a path towards a brighter future through the power of art.


While reflecting on The Macallan’s support of the exhibition, Brand Manager, Edrington Portfolio, Nigeria, Hammed Adebiyi, stated, “The Macallan’s sponsorship of this exhibition reflects our deep appreciation for Nigerian art and artists, and the desire to continue elevating the flourishing art community in Nigeria. We invite everyone to join us in exploring the thought-provoking works of Sadiq Ajibola Williams and the engaging theme of ‘What Does The World Need,’ as we embark on a journey of creativity and introspection.”  


The ultra prestigious Scottish brand has a history of actively supporting the creative industry, including ongoing collaboration with famed creative designer Mai Atafo to mentor young entrepreneurs on fashion branding, and business. The partnership aims to leverage the right strategies to drive Nigeria’s fashion industry to achieve its projected $1.92 billion valuation by 2027.

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