7 Items to Add to Your Work Wardrobe

Work wardrobe essentials


It’s the start of a new week people. And guess what? Remote workers are not exactly bothered about what to wear since most virtual meetings do not require visuals. Still, there are many hybrid workers who are curious to know what works for the wardrobe. If you are one of those, we have done all the work for you. We’ve searched into stores online, movies and social media pages. Here are ten of the most fascinating items you definitely need to spice up your look this season:

  • Plaid Jacket

You may have collection of black and deep-blue like someone bent on impressing an interviewer. But the goal is never to be basic. Stay stylish with a plaid jacket and plain skirt, trouser or jeans. Don’t do tie with your plaid. It’s your numero uno smart casual hack.


  • Army Green Top/Trouser

If you are a lady that works in a predominantly male-dominated field, you can add an army green top or trousers to your wardrobe to blend in with the men. Actually, you don’t need to do too much to be welcome among the folks, but it seems that some clients tend to be a little biased towards a female that exudes delicate vibes vis-à-vis wardrobe choices in a male-dominated field. Army green is an empowering colour for 21st century women. Believe it!


  • Textured Fabric

If you are in a workspace that involves luxury and premium brands or you hold a high position in your organization, then you may want to add a textured fabric like Miyake to your wardrobe. You want to drop a fat invoice but your client is afraid to price you down not just because of your skills but your persona. Do it with the right textured dress or top. Do you have a red-carpet appearance in view? Get yourself a textured piece that would set paparazzi on a frenzy- whether your last name rings a bell or not.


  • Ankara Dress/Trousers/Shirts

Sometimes, we like to show our ethnic side by adding an Ankara piece to our work wardrobe. For the ladies, ensure the style is corporate wear-proof, not outrageously stylish like a wedding attire. A midi gown or skirt is quite agreeable to the eyes. Guys, don’t evolve into a masquerade just to show your African essence. While the origin of Ankara always raises a debate on its Africanness, we all can agree that the age-long dutch wax has become a cultural staple for Africans. Shine on.


  • Lingerie Bodysuit

Nothing screams sexy as much as a lingerie bodysuit. If you get one that fits you perfectly, you can pair up with a great jacket. Finish off your ultra-sexy look with a red lipstick. It’s a surefire way to drum up your attractiveness when you are advancing in age and still have to work with young folks. It is not just great for ladies in their 20s or 30s, you can rock your lingerie bodysuit in your 40s and well, 50s if you have the charm of Naomi Campbell. Work it!

  • Jelly Bags

It’s raining in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa at the moment. Generally, you need an umbrella and disposable raincoat if you are always on the move. Do you know that you need a jelly bag to protect your phones and other devices? You can get the latest jelly bag from…Ok, I won’t name the designer but its piece is the best rain-proof luxury bag money can buy.



  • Chocolate Ensemble

Even if your office won’t serve chocolate croissant at tea break, you can get that chocolaty feeling by adorning yourself in an all-shade of chocolate look. This particular colour is driving the gender divide crazy and it is one colour – aside from blue, white, green and maroon- that you can do a monotone look on.



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