Five Health Lessons From Mohbad’s Death


5 Health Lessons from Mohbad’s Death

While Nigerian music fans and sympathizers across the world are still coming to terms with the loss of the street hop artist, Mohbad, let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from the details of his last moments alive. Mohbad led an interesting life- full of love, laughter and beef. Until his death, many were oblivious of his private life. Today, content creators are having a swell time dissecting different aspects of his life and for some, milling rumours of what or who killed him. While the actual cause of death is yet to be established by the coroner, there are some known facts about his death.

Mohbad was said to have sustained a series of injuries in the past one year and the latest happened just two days before his demise. During an altercation with his childhood friend who travelled with him alongside his family for his last show in Ikorodu, he sustained some injury and was said to have been reluctant about going to the hospital. A nurse was called in to administer drugs on him and after reacting badly to the treatment, he was rushed to two hospitals where he was pronounced dead.

However, there are valid lessons to be learnt from the details revealed by the police on the death of Mohbad.


Test and Treatment

The first lesson is the choice of treatment. Most of the time, we resort to self-medication when we think that our ailment is not so serious. Even the most of experienced doctors would insist on having details of your vitals before asking you to describe how you are feeling. When you arrive at the hospital, your temperature, pulse and blood pressure are checked before anything else. This is so because if you are hurriedly treated without the knowledge of the aforementioned, the result could be as fatal as Mohbad’s.


Home Remedies

Home remedies are good in the absence of a nearby hospital or trained medical personnel. If you have a first aid box at home, you should have disinfectant such as Dettol, hydrogen peroxide and methylated spirit to clean up wounds in order to prevent an infection. Frequent handwashing can help you and your household to prevent spreading infection. Sheabutter is one of the most underrated home remedies for injuries. It naturally coagulates pus and help to heal muscular sprains. If symptoms persist for more than two days, be quick to consult your doctor.


Regular checkup

There is need for everyone to embrace regular checkup. Most people say that doctors always see something when you go for checkup. Rather than dismiss what they see, be sure to follow up with consultation to prevent avoidable deaths in future.


Avoid Physical Fights

Whether you are a good fighter or not, avoid quarrels that can easily degenerate into physical combats. You can either sustain injuries or inflict ones that could cost the life of another.


Vitamins & Fruits

Ensure you have a regimen of taking food supplements and fruits. Your feeding habits are the best line of defense when you have injuries or even undergo a major procedure. Be intentional in your menu plan and eat healthy always.


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