What to Expect at LIPFEST 2023

  • A Season of poetry looms in Lagos


The annual literary tradition, Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFEST) is back. From October 26th to 29th, Lagos will experience an avalanche of punchlines through the power of poetry. The four-day event has as theme “Sanctuary.’’

LIPFEST 2023 promises to reconnect the audience to the self and truth with the diverse range of artistic experiences which include performances and readings, panel discussions, workshops, film screenings and exhibitions. It boasts of a line-up of prominent artists, poets, writers, activists, healers and thinkers who will create an immersive sanctuary for reflection and wellness over the course of four days.

Interestingly too, visitors will enjoy yoga and wellness sessions, a movement therapy space, game room and an on-site private oasis for writing and reflection.

There is also an opportunity for fresh poetic voices to shine as the tightly curated event features guest poets and other independent event. LIPFEST 2023 will hold at the Alliance Francaise/Mike Adenuga Centre, Ikoyi Lagos.

Asides the literary feast, here are four other experiences to savour at the LIPFEST 2023:

  • Snacks

The venue is known for its sprawling balcony, cool breeze and tasty snacks where guests can chill before a session begins in the auditorium. Whether you are in for croissant or just some sparkling water, LIPFEST is the reason for the longing.

  • Friendly Convo

If you like some light-hearted chat, you can head to LIPFEST with friends or be open to meet new ones at the venue. The good allure of mixed culture is there and don’t be shocked if someone speaks French to you as though it’s the new lingua franca. It comes with the territory.


  • Applaudissez

Excuse my French. It’s just a way of telling you that you can applaud at every beautiful performance- during and after- in case you haven’t had a reason to do so in a while.


  • More Than Words

If you are a wordsmith or sapiosexual, LIPFEST will definitely turn you on. Lines that need to be put on replay and words that make you cuddle with your bag in lieu of a lover will fill the air at this event. Mark your calendar.



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