7 shoe Colours for Men of Class

Black Shoes


Let’s start this week by schooling the male folks on what footwear colours to rock as men of class. Although the choice of colours depends largely on the occasion for which a pair of show is worn, there are shoe colours that have that constant appeal almost every time. Sometimes, fashionable men like to select shoe colours that complement those of fabric. But there is no need to be rigid with choices. There are seven shoe colours for men of class to consider and any colour outside these is flamboyant, experimental and risky.


This is a primary choice for men. Whatever you do, let black be the first shoe colour you pick because it sits well with a wide variety of clothing and it is the most appropriate for work and formal meetings.

Deep Navy Blue

Whether you get it in suede or leather, deep blue is stylish on your feet especially if you are light-skinned. Rock this colour when you need to impress your love interest or would-be in laws.


Tan Shoes

Be sure to get this right. Get the right shade of tan and work it with dark coloured clothings for evening events. Show off your tan shoes during a staycation or vacation. Tan is the new black for men who wear it right.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Loafers

This is indeed very sweet. Ladies, if you are thinking of a nice pair of shoes to present as a gift to your man, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and others, think dark chocolate. This colour gives off the expresso vibes and allows a man to think before dressing. This is perhaps the only colour that you can do a whole outfit monochrome and still look sexy. Don’t try it with red. Lol.


White shoes

When you need to dress down and still command respect and attention, you switch to white-coloured shoes- I mean in particular: sneakers. They are adaptable to casual wear days at work, retreat, picnic, movie nights and a whole lot in that spectrum. Be sure that you can stay spotless before you jump on this otherwise, the result could be very embarrassing.

Army Green

This is not your regular shoe thing, but it works very well for even ceremonial occasions when you rock a robe, that is agbada. When you accompany your best pal at the traditional wedding party, and green is the dress or colour code, try it with a pair of shoes and thank me later.


This is what I call ‘silent luxury.’ Grey is subtle and different. If it reflects who you are, go for it.



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