How CarpetGrass Benefits the Earth



Carpetgrass is a slow growing, medium-green perennial creeping grass used largely for lawn coverage. Suitable as plant in places where grasses won’t grow, carpetgrass is considered as a very low-maintenance lawn grass option. The carpetgrass is an essential feature of urban and rural lawns and landscapes. Do you know that beyond its aesthetic value, carpetgrass is beneficial to the earth? Here are some reasons why you show grow some carpetgrass.

  • Carpetgrass is a very good cover crop for areas where erosion is a threat. The grasses help to stabilize slopes quickly and control erosion. Their presence slows down the speed of flowing water especially during heavy rains through the soil.


  • Carpetgrass does not allow weeds to sprout because it spreads out like a mat on the topsoil. While competing for soil nutrients with weeds, it often overpowers the latter as a fast-growing crop.


  • Like other plants, carpetgrass helps to cleanse and purify the air through the process of photosynthesis. The grasses are simply seen as natural filters because they absorb dust, pollutants and provide cooling effect during warm weather.


  • For improved microbial activity, carpetgrass is very vital. Their growth helps to retain organic matter in the soil over time. It is estimated that a heathy lawn area of 25 square feet can provide sufficient oxygen for one adult in a day.

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