5 Meals You Can Prepare With Beans

Bean-based meals

When beans is one of the most affordable food crop where you live, you need to be creative in the way you consume it to derive maximum culinary satisfaction or something like it. The cost of living in recent time has necessitated reviews of menu even in upscale restaurants in many cities. Locally grown rice has replaced Basmati in many buffet tables and it is often by special request that you will find seafood option in some restaurant. As the economy bites harder, there is no reason for you to bite harder at your nails if you try these five options of cooking beans:

  1. Porridge Bean

Perhaps the most common way of eating beans in many African homes is this porridge option. It is mostly inexpensive, requiring pepper, palm oil, seasoning and crayfish. But if you like to give your beans the royal treatment, serve with grilled or fried fish and plantain. But if your budget is tight, you can simply match your porridge beans with garri. For those who eat beans with an empire state of mind like the famed influencer, Enioluwa, your garri solution can boast of sliced strawberries, milk, sugar and some rocks.

2. Gbegiri

This beans soup called Gbegiri is largely underrated. It travels smoothly down the throat with eba and your generosity with ingredients make contribute to how the overall taste will be. Check YouTube for directions on how to prepare it in case you have no clue.

3. Beans pudding

Popularly known as Moi Moi, beans pudding is very healthy and delicious. The best way to cook it is in natural leaves. Where those are unavailable, you can use tins. Avoid the use of plastic. To bring out the best moi moi flavour, add crayfish; mashed, boiled titus or herring fish, corned beef, sliced egg and scotch bonnet.

4. Bean Cake

Also known as beans fritters, akara is a delicious option for those who enjoy this beans-based meal option. Sold on the streets in some areas, akara can be served with pap, custard, oats or bread.

5. Ewa Agonyin

Ewa Agoyin got its name from the Agoyins, a tribe from Togo and Benin Republic. It is a street food made of beans cooked till it is tender enough to be mashed. The real deal for this meal is the accompanying sauce usually made with dry ball peppers, onion, ginger, dried chilli and palm oil. You must get it right or simply buy from the sellers.



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