5 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Back-to-School children

It’s always a mixed reaction for parents and guardians at this time of the year. Many are concerned about increased school fees, new uniforms and accessories and adjustment in work schedules. Some busy parents are thrilled to have some moment of peace as their restless toddlers or teenagers return to school. Whatever the situation is at your home, there is always some type of pressure, at times forgetfulness.

As the schools prepare to welcome your children back to school, here are some tips on how to make the experience an awesome one regardless of your tight budget and anxiety to keep up with bills.

  1. Make A List

Make a list of all the necessary things you need to buy. Tick the ones you can buy and categorise others as to-be-sourced-later outside of your pocket. We are in a dire economic situation. There is no need to buy everything when you can get some free from your friends and relatives whose children have outgrown some quality shoes, bags and other stuff. Don’t be shy to ask. Don’t hesitate to give out items that you do not need that may be useful to your friend or neighbours.


  1. A Gift for the teacher(s)

It’s always thoughtful to get a teacher a nice back-to-school gift. Just ensure that it is inexpensive, and it does not come off as a bribe. You can include the names of other parents that you know so that it does not look like it is entirely your idea or that you want a preferential treatment for your child. It may be an inspirational story or a lunch pack or a makeup bag or an umbrella. Go figure.


  1. Pep Talk

You need to prepare a solid pep talk to charge up your children for school. You may think it is unnecessary, but children always remember the pep talk any day they secure a victory at school. Be it a commendation or a prize, children will remember the role that your daily nuggets played in guided them aright even when you are not physically present.


  1. Play the Detective

Check everything (including devices) that your child puts in the school bag before they resume their classes and when they return home as well. It is not unusual that children often pick up bad habits perhaps from acquaintances during the holidays, at school, from movies or the social media. Be sure of what your child is exposed to on a daily basis and keep the communication line open.


  1. Set Reminders

Set reminders for open day, parties, cultural day and other events that require your presence. It is very important to register your presence in your child’s life so that they will understand that their education is very important to you.

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