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TFAF Maiden Exhibition Berths in Lagos

Left: Ideh Eyimofe Rita Right: Benedict and Benjamin Okoye
Textile as a Form of Art and Fashion (TFAF), an annual project by Eyimofe Rita Ideh will launch its first ever exhibition on August 20 in Lagos. The show will parade beautifully crafted fashion items, wearable art, and wall art, all made of locally sourced fabrics and craftsmanship.
It will be an exhibition of works from some of Nigeria’s budding talents in the fashion and art space. B.O.B (Benjamin Okoye Benedict) Bespoke, a premium clothing brand founded by twin brother Benjamin and Benedict Okoye, aims to showcase the beauty of Nigerian cultural heritage through its unique and handcrafted clothing collection. Each piece is designed with intricate attention to detail, incorporating a fusion of traditional Nigeria aesthetic and contemporary fashion. The brand’s recently launched eCommerce website provides insights into the elegance of Nigerian heritage fashion through various handcrafted garments.
Santos by Afrocentric textiles (SBAT) founded by Eyimofe Rita Ideh, is a fashion brand that depicts the African Dye culture and the art of Aso Oke. Founded in 2020, SBAT’s dream is to preserve the culture of locally made fabrics. A fusion of African textile art in urban street wears, casual outfits and bespoke craftsmanship, the idea is to present the evolution and adaptation of contemporary African fashion while still celebrating the indigenous art and culture of locally made fabrics.
The founder of SBAT, Ideh says: “There is something special about making an outfit from scratch, designing patterns, working on colour pallets to suit the clients taste and personality. There is a reason why 80% prefer the traditional oil or acrylic paintings to digital paintings. Don’t get me wrong I love every form of Art, but there is this sacredness that comes with the traditional way of doing things, the smell of oil paint, the textures of hand painted art. This is how I feel about locally made fabrics. As a visual artist my aim is to create new and easier ways to produces local African fabrics while preserving the true African culture.”

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