Five Types of Foodies You Must Know

Food connoisseur

We all know that food is essential to our survival and well-being. Food is beyond something just meant to keep us alive; it is an expression of who we are. Call it a cultural identity, food is part of our way of life. There are different attitudes towards the food we eat and these attitudes characterise the various personalities perceivable in the area of food appreciation. Here are five types of foodies you may know:

Food Connoisseur

This type of foodie is known for sharing perspectives on food, its origin and the way it is prepared in different parts of the world. Rather than savouring the dish quietly, they feel obliged to educate others on the table about the food because they are also well-travelled. They can be annoying if you desire to eat quietly.

Picky Eater

Picky eaters are very particular about what they eat, how they eat it as well as when and where they eat. They can reject food that otherwise would be satisfying to many other people. They can be fussy even when they visit their friends and family. If you are unfortunate to have them as customers, they can frustrate you with a list of how they want their food to be served. They can turn a waiter back just because of the temperature of the food served. It is even worse if you have a picky family that visits your home. You will have to take their orders like a waiter at an exclusive restaurant.

Wasteful Eater

No matter how small the portion you serve a wasteful eater, he or she would always leave some remnant on your plate. It is super annoying when you have just a little food left and you give it someone who is wasteful. It is best to encourage them to go home with the leftover food so that they will understand that you don’t like your food to be wasted.

Greedy Eater

This type of eater will eat everything you serve and more. Aside the healthy appetite, they will assume you have more to give. More often than not, they don’t really like to spend on food. They often live off others or devour food in public gatherings shamelessly. They can be embarrassing to have as friends or family members.

Social media Eater

This type of eaters post everything he or she eats on the social media. Their motto is “I eat therefore I post.” They can make good content creators with this simple routine which can sometimes get on one’s nerves.

So, what type of eater are you?

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