What Your Lipstick Colour Says About You

A range of lipstick colours

Lipstick may seem like one of the least beauty items that you should worry about but it seals the look every time you wear it. You may have found yourself rummaging through your lipstick collection in trying to decide which best suits your outfit. But very few deeply reflect on the psychology of colours and textures of the lipstick before venturing into applying one. Here are some truths about your favourite lipstick colours:



This colour is usually associated with confidence, courage, energy and passion. There’s also a little history to it. During the march for women’s voting rights in the US, the cosmetic brand founder, Elizabeth Arden shared free tubes of bright red lipstick to women along the Fifth Avenue in New York City. Since then, red lipstick became a symbol of women’s liberation and rebellion. Arguably too, it is also considered as the sexiest colour because it has power to draw attention to the lips.



Bronze lipstick speaks of class, quiet luxury and sophistication.  It is a nice balance between natural and glamourous. The colour is highly suitable and recommended for office look, first meetings or dates.



This is fun, flirty and feminine. Often better worn by younger ladies, fuchsia lipstick is generally for the free-spirited, brave and adventurous. Be careful not to do a matchy-matchy look when you are wearing this colour- unless your middlename is “Barbie” or “DJ Cuppy.”



The nude lipstick gives you a very subtle yet noticeable dose of beauty. It is largely associated with conformity, order and symmetry. Nude is great for interviews and first meetings where you need to test waters. You don’t want to lose a very good job opportunity just because of your choice of lipstick colour. Some employers are still very conservative and if you want to eat with them, you sure need a long spoon.


Dark purple

This colour is associated with creativity and imagination as well as a sense of wealth, royalty and luxury. It also speaks of confidence and individuality. If you are trying to make an impression on some new clients in business, this might just be the right colour. This colour is for mature women.



Sometimes, you just want your lips to be moisturised without colours. The transparent gloss is your everyday wear. You can wear it to the shopping mall or even local, informal markets. But don’t blame me if your seller is unyielding with the high price of goods. Lol.


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