Five Ways To Maintain Sugar-Free Diet

Granulated sugar

Are you addicted to sugar? You are not alone. Many of us were weaned on candies and carbonated beverages. Now that you are in your 30s and 40s, the struggle to get a flat tummy-or at least one that can be tucked into clothes and fit well- is real. If you want to quit taking sugar, you have to set a goal to stay away from it and work hard at it. Here are five tested and trusted ways to maintain a diet that is sugar-free:

  1. Resist Carbonated Beverages

Avoid stocking up your fridge with carbonated beverages. If you have a visitor who has a sweet tooth, let them know you are trying to quit taking sugar. Serve water instead of sugary drinks.

2. Eat Fruits

Fruits are healthy when taken in moderation. Instead of sugary fluids, make yourself some smoothies. Better still, eat your fruits in order for your digestion process to be complete and efficient. Nutritionists say that when you chew your fruits, the saliva mixes with the pieces and thorough digestion takes place. You can buy fruits like pineapples, oranges, watermelon, apples and beetroot if your palate favours sweet things.

3. Dilute Your Drinks

It may be hard at first to totally quit your sugar intake. If your work demands physical activity or you have a regimen of exercise that include aerobics, you may still take some sugar but ensure you dilute the portion you drink very well. Once your stomach has adjusted to a certain degree of sweetness, you can never go back to being a huge consumer of sugar.

4. Select Your Tea

You should become more intentional about the kind of beverages that you drink. Avoid tea types that make you add sugar to your tea. Replace your sugar with natural honey. This part of tricky because many people claim to be sellers of original honey. Your best source may be the local herbal vendors.

5. Stop Buying Sugar

When you stop buying sugar and sugary things, you are less likely to consume it. If you find yourself going to beg a neighbour for some sugar long after quiting sugar, then you need a therapist. Teach your household to hide sugar away from your reach.

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