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Duke of Shomolu Explores Taboo Themes in New Play

Poster for Anonymous Nipples
Joseph Edgar, the Duke of Shomolu in his new play “Anonymous Nipples- A Trail of Choices” will be stirring the honest nest by attempting to throw up such taboo topics that are usually discussed in the dark.
The play which will be written and directed by famous theatre Director William Benson will hold this August at the prestigious Agip Recital Hall of the MUSON Centre in Lagos.
William Benson who last worked with the Duke December 2022, during the showing of Ufok Ibaan and Ogiame Erejuwa II, two Plays that attracted such dignitaries as Senator Udo Udoma Nigeria’s Former Minister for Budget and whose grandmother was depicted in the play and the Olu of Warri Ogiame Atuwatse III whose grandfather was also depicted.
“Anonymous Nipples- A Trail of Choices” however is a marked departure from the historical excursions the Duke has come to be known for and rather leans heavily on his mischievous streak which delivered the hugely appreciated play – threesome which was written and directed by Jude Idada.
Anonymous Nipples just like threesome would push some very delicate boundaries as it’s confident treatment of sex, incest, love, pain, fidelity and pleasure amongst others would forcefully push attention towards the very critical nature of communication in healthy adult relationships.
Joseph Edgar who is the producer in a statement released to the News Agency of Nigeria stated that, ‘the need to force conversations along these lines has become very critical especially with the rash of divorces and dislocations in relationships.’
The gradual erosion of moral values also throws up the need to throw in some circuit breakers by providing recommended guidelines as contained in this play in a bid to encourage responsible and mature dalliances in society.
Audiences would be surprised to see two plays in one feature. The play would be split by Mr Benson and delivered to the audience as a softer more romantic offering while the bolder and much more resilient audience would feast on the stark-naked atrocity of Anonymous nipples the following day.
Both plays are extracted from two super exciting books penned by two investment bankers- Kai Orga (A trail of choices) and Joseph Edgar ( Anonymous Nipples) who remain diametrically opposite in their attitude and approach towards the themes addressed in both plays.
Anonymous Nipples like the famed Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti would deliver to the audience some of the most professionally sequenced dance scenes designed to engage and thrill the audience using the warmest offering in romance and love while also dishing out some of the coldest and most profound depictions of the strongest possible themes – sex and sexuality- in the strongest but most effective responsible manner.
Anonymous Nipples will be performed on August 26th and 27th 2023, and is rated 18+.

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