Seven Steps to Making Your Nails Attractive


Whether you like it or not, your nails are essential parts of your physical appearance that reflects who you are. Today, it is not unusual to find men polishing their nails to look good. Beneath fingernails and toenails are understated areas that harbour bacteria.

Hence, the business of keeping the nails clean and attractive is not just a fashion statement but a hygienic practice. Be it long or short, the nail is naturally transparent for you to see hidden germs beneath them.


Despite our business schedules, we must set aside a few minutes every week to keep our nails tidy. For this practice to become a lifetime habit, here are some steps you need to take to keep your nails healthy and sparkling.


Maintain A Routine

You can set a day or time aside for your nail business. Whether you do it yourself or you visit the nail shop near you, ensure you keep to the routine to avoid being caught ‘unfresh.’


Get A Manicure Set 

Everyone already knows the danger of sharing sharp objects. Or at least, it’s safe to assume so. Avoid sharing by getting your own manicure set. Keep every item clean after use and return to its space to avoid losing them or getting injured by them accidentally.


Polish Your Nails

Polished nails often look more attractive than unpolished nails. You can start with transparent glossy polish or take on more daring colours. Older ladies often prefer cool colours like nude, bronze, light pink among others. Before you start painting your nails, check for your nail polish remover and cotton wool to remove any stain edges around the nail.


Trim and File

This is considered even more important than polishing the nails. You need to trim the rough edges at least once a week, depending on how quick your nails grow. Do the same for your children and other dependents in your household.


Quit Biting The Nails

The habit of nail biting is embarrassing and unhealthy. In some instances, it has led to nail infection, presumed to be one of the most difficult infections to treat. Use the manicure tools to remove anything around your nails to avoid causing trauma to the finger.


Get Some Nail Craft

You can vary your nail shape across the five: round, square, oval, squoval and pointed. If you work around the screen or the red carpet,  throw in some trends: swirl, French, ombre, marble, glitter, chrome, pastel and comic nails.

Dry The Nails

Always keep your nails dry after washing or bathing. For those who polish their nails, be wary of UV light. Researchers say that prolonged exposure to UV rays modifies lens proteins, leading to cataract formation and worsening eyesight.


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