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Jaytee: A Glimpse into the World of A Content Creator


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Born in Lagos, Justin Chukwudi Asiabaka otherwise known as Jaytee is a content creator and media personality who is popularly known as the comedian Charles Okocha’s hypeman. In this interview with Yinka Olatunbosun, he reveals his journey into skit making while inspiring other young ones to take advantage of the digital revolution in building their careers.



Your hypeman persona has roots in hip-hop. When did you discover the music genre? What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Yes, the hypeman persona has roots in hip hop and I discovered this genre since I was a child at maybe 15. I listened to all kinds o0f music genre. I grew up around music. My dad used to own a record store and I would play all kinds of music when I was at the store. I listen to hip hop, R and B, highlife, reggae all kinds of music. When you are selling music CDs, you need to understand music and different sounds. I was versed with all kinds of music. And I love hip hop; I was young. I love rap. That was the spark.

Did you encounter criticisms from your parents and associates with your music choices?

No. My parents were strict Christians but they didn’t stop me from whatever sound I wanted to listen. I had choice even as a child. I enjoyed hip hop. I had no hate from them.

What career goal did you have as a child and has that changed over the years?

Growing up as a child, I have always loved arts. I have always wanted to do anything entertainment from singing to acting and dancing. I ended up studying mass communication. Growing up I fell in love with the media and that was how the idea of studying mass communication came about. I have an HND in Mass Communication from the Yaba College of Technology. I just love everything about the media.

Who are the people that influenced you in your line of career?

I grew up listening to rap artists and some media personalities like Olisa Adibua, Dotun CoolFM. Dotun is also a hypeman and compere. I wanted to do something like that. I would say that Kevin Hart also has some kind of influence on me. Kevin would always say a whole lot of bullshit; something crazy and funny at the same time. And that was it for me.

20 years ago, many would not have taken the hypeman character seriously. But would you say that it is a lucrative career? Does it have good or bad side?

Truthfully, no one was really doing the hype or adlibs thing for a job. Times are changing. We learn every day. We learn from the society- the environment helps you to grow. From time to time, we get to see creative minds come up with new ideas or ways to do things differently. Times are changing. Of course, it is a lucrative thing. Whatever you do that is giving you joy or that is putting food on your table or taking you places, and people say ‘yo, I love what you’re doing.’ It is lucrative. That’s what I can say.

What’s your day like? Are you always on location?

I just chill. I work. My day is usually flexible. I have fun while I am even working. it makes it a whole lot flexible. Even while I am working, I still relax.

How did you meet Charles Okocha?

I met Charles Okocha in 2016 at a video shoot- my brother’s video shoot. He had a cameo appearance and that was how we met.

What’s it like working with Charles?

It is amazing. He has an amazing personality. He is too talented and he is great guy. Most people don’t know that I manage Charles as well. I am talent manager too.

Are the skits scripted?

Not all. Most of them are not scripted. Charles is a very spontaneous guy. We do most as the inspiration comes. Sometimes, it is on the spur of the moment. We could just see something and want to talk about it. It’s just vibes. But we will still do scripted skits too. We prefer to perform naturally. You can express yourself more when you are not restricting yourself to something that is scripted. It’s just something that is inborn, and it comes out good.

Do you do other stuff for a living?

Well I do quite a whole lot. I am a content creator, talent manager. I manage artists especially independent artists. I manage Charles.

What advice do you have for young people trying to make a career in the entertainment industry?

The entertainment industry is a great place. Today you can see how serious people take skit makers and entertainers and artists. It is a great thing if you have passion for entertainment. All I will say is don’t stop. Keep on pushing. Chase that dream. If you have got love for entertainment, keep doing you. Don’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop. Do your thing. Keep putting in the work.

Do you think technology has been good to many content creators in Nigeria?

Technology is the best thing that has happened to this generation. Instagram made a whole lot of people TikTok made a whole lot of people. Facebook made some people. The list is endless. This whole thing came and people got to know more about skit making during the lockdown. Everyone was indoor and people lost their jobs. People decided to try something else-create something even from the comfort of their homes. You can do so much with your cell phone. You can make something that can go viral and millions of people would be watching. Technology has made that possible and it is the best thing that has happened to this generation. It is easy to record your skits and edit by yourself. You don’t even need an editor. There are apps where you can edit on your phone.

What changes do you expect in the next ten years in your career?

Well, I just want to get bigger. I still want to be in the entertainment scene and still be relevant. Keep helping younger ones. I want to have something like a label where I can have a bunch of talented people under my label and creating magic, expressing creativity. I am just hoping for the best. The goal is just to keep working.


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