Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Oversized Frames

You love to stand out from the crowd. You are easily overlooked in a gathering. Your fashion speaks for you when you wish to stay silent. You are simply dressed but drop-dead gorgeous in those frames. You have done all the trends with frames and now you are thinking of trying the oversized frames.

Here are some factors to consider before you jump on the trend:


Wear the frames on understated styling: ponytails, weaving or simple braids. You can only combine big frames with bogus hairdo if you are a rockstar.

– Get a second opinion

…or maybe third, fourth or fifth opinion. You may try on the big frame to be sure it fits your facial contours. Don’t ask the person selling it to you. They hardly tell you the truth. Everyone’s got a friend with good judgement in fashion. Ask a friend or share a selfie with your partner. A second opinion might save you from making a bad choice in frames.

Choose A Nice Colour

It’s bad enough that you want to try something silly like oversized frames. To make it spicy, choose a colour that will complement your closet. A lot of fashion risk takers have tried unusual colours like white, sky-blue, beige, tortilla, metallic orange etc. Just consider what works for you or otherwise, stick to black.


-Never wear to a formal, conservative gathering

A lot of eyes are working hard at adjusting to large frames. Don’t make it harder when you venture into a serious business meeting with oversized frames. Some conservatives will think you are unserious. You can wear oversized frames anywhere that smart casual outfit works.

Don’t buy one that is too expensive. This oversized frame is a fad. Don’t make such a big deal of it by buying one that is too expensive unless you have a net worth of £1,000,000.

Don’t yield to unnecessary criticisms

Some people are crawling behind the fashion clock and would want to discourage you from taking fashion risks of making a statement with your accessory. Don’t take them too seriously. 

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