Speculations Trail Omah Lay’s Hit Song ‘Soso’


Omah Lay had once made public his struggle with depression. But it is not clear how long he had been dealing with this challenge. When he released “Soso” in his Boy Alone 2022 album, many fans were worried about his personal life and mental state.

The visual album further sparked speculations when the afro-centric video was released three months ago. Featuring semi-nude dancers, the video is in itself a celebration of negritude. Omah Lay soaks himself in his spiritual themes and tops it off with artistic energy.

Allowing himself to be the canvas, the dancing ladies drape paintings of different colours all over him. The result is beautiful. Alluding to masquerade as a God or a deity to appease in time of pain, he sang the soulful song lightly almost to the point of being inaudible.

While many fans speculate that he may have made a pact with some spirit medium, it must be understood that Omah Lay connects the song and video to his African roots and personal experiences.

Omah Lay in ‘Soso’

In December 2020, he as well as Tems was arrested in Uganda for allegedly breaking the COVID-19 protocols. Although the charges were dropped and they were released, the experience was disturbing to young Omah Lay.

Now 25 years old, he still reminisces on his childhood days in Rivers state. Raised in a riverine area, he would have heard a lot of folktales about water spirits and their engagement with mortals.

Hence, if Omah Lay decides to allude to this part of cultural narrative, he has only done his bit as an ambassador of culture through his music.

When you pay close attention to the lyrics where he says “I can’t stay in one place…” then you understand that he is praying not to be isolated somewhere, offshore- perhaps a rehabilitation centre or a detention.

Whatever personal experience Omah Lay was referencing in “Soso,” really hit home with everyone that’s going through a difficult time or some sort of pain.

Omah Lay is indeed a fast rising star to watch and he is positioning himself as a true artist who understands his cultural roots and craft.

Written by Yinka Olatunbosun, a music enthusiast and culture journalist.

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