Five Fashion Trends You Should Discard in Africa

Five Fashion Trends You Should Discard in Africa

Climate change is not funny in Africa yet it seems the warmer weather is one of the least discussed subjects in Africa. While attention is shared between public health crisis, poverty and oppressive government structures, the wardrobe choice for visitors in Africa or Africans living in Africa is hardly a subject of intense public scrutiny where health concerns are the denominators.
Arguably, moral code has largely dictated when public commentary on dressing arises. That shouldn’t be the case. In Nigeria, the most populous city in Africa, the average temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. With this feverish weather, there’s a need to exercise restraints on wardrobe picks. Here are five fashion trends you should disregard in Africa if you want to enjoy living in or visiting Africa:

Leather pieces
Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It absorbs heat when it is sunny and if you cannot store leather jackets, skirts, tops in a very well-regulated air-conditioning system, you’re in for a shocker when the leather piece begins to feel off.

Tight Clothes
Tight-fitting clothes make it harder to breathe well. Do all you can to ensure you select loose-fitting clothes that make you feel comfortable in the hot climate. Good health is non-negotiable.

Aside from being a relic of westernisation, suits are completely out of place in the present hot climate in Africa. It is almost impractical to wear suits unless you work in an office or a home with a high performing air-conditioning system. Sadly, many employers still expect job seekers to turn up for interviews in suits in order to look ‘professional.’ If wearing a traditional outfit is more weather friendly, so be it. Many organisations are adopting local content in their dress codes for the staff. It is expected that this trend should extend to interview situations as well.

Black pieces
Black is a no-NO. You heard right. Avoid black and other dark colours if you must survive the heat in most places in Africa at the moment.

Multilayered Lining

Some outfits are best left for the mediaeval period. Just because you want to shut down the red carpet doesn’t mean you should grow some rashes on your skin. Let the weather guide you.

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